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cat. Chasse 2020 p.164

Rifle Sharps 1874 Down Under heavy gun 34 '' cal. .45 / 70

Rifle Sharps 1874 Down Under heavy gun 34 '' cal. .45 / 70

Item number : WE107

Ref. Item designation RGA Category Caliber Shots Trigger Barrel (cm) Length (cm) Weight (g) Weapon Type MSRP Stock
Ref. WE107 Item designation Rifle Sharps 1874 Down Under heavy gun 34 '' cal. .45 / 70 AA457 Category C Caliber .45-70 Government Shots 1 Trigger Stetcher Barrel (cm) 86 Length (cm) 129.6 Weight (g) 5620 Weapon Type Lever rifle MSRP 1610 € incl. tax

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Carabine Chiappa réplique de la Sharps 1874 down under Cal. 45/70 Canon lourd de 34''

High quality mechanism and cannon for exceptional reliability and precision. Case marbled.
"Bolt-on" blocking system, very reliable and robust, relaxation with adjustable stecher for impeccable starts. Folding lift graduated up to 1000 m. Mire mounted on dovetail.
  • Handguard with metal insert
  • Lacrosse and hand guard with non-slip ridged areas.

Replica of the famous rifle Sharps cal. 45/70 widely used for hunting bison.

Thanks to its exceptional precision and wide variety of calibres, the Sharps was without a doubt one of the most widely used rifles during the American Civil War.

The US government bought 80. 512 rifles and 9,141 rifles during the conflict. After the war, many Sharps percussion rifles were converted into civilian models with metal ammunition loaded by the bolt. The most famous model is certainly the 'Sporting 1874', also known as 'Old Reliable Rifle Buffalo', linked to famous names such as Billy Dixon, 'Buffalo Bill' Cody, 'Bat' Matterson and many more .
Chiappa Firearms, under the brand name Armi Sport, has faithfully reproduced the Sharps rifles for a long time. Over the years, it has been created a very rich range of Sharps rifles, which has for common denominator a great reliability of operation and a perfect interchangeability with the original parts.

  • Caliber: 45/70
  • Barrel length: 86 cm - machined and chamfered mouth.
  • Octagonal heavy barrel, diameter at the mouth: 24.5 mm between faces, 26.1 mm between vertices.
  • Overall length: 129.6 cm
  • Weight: 5,622 kg
  • Stock 355 mm (from the trigger to the buttplate) with 'snuffbox'.

Measures taken by Europ-Arm on the Chiappa weapon photographed.


Category C
Category C

Context : Western, breeding, far west, chiappa firearms, hunting, shooting leisure, war, powder, smoothbore, usa, enfield, zouave, springfield, Sharps, Sharp, Charp, Charp, Chiapa, Kiapa, Chiappa, Chiappa Rifle replica of the 1874 Sharps down under Cal. 45/70 heavy barrel 34 '' ... Reference KIMAR - CHIAPPA: 920. 028 or 920028
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