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cat. Chasse 2018 p.26

Shotgun juxtaposed - Caliber 12 - Davide Pedersoli


Juxtaposé rayé Cal 12 Catégorie C Garantie 5 ans

Shotgun juxtaposed - Caliber 12 - Davide Pedersoli

Item number : DPS707 DPSL709

MSRP : 1795.00 € incl. tax
Wyatt Earp Rifle
Item number : DPS707
MSRP : 2400.00 € incl. tax
La Bohémienne Rifle
Item number : DPSL709
Item number Designation Category Caliber Chamber (mm) Shots Barrel (cm) Length (cm) Weight (g) MSRP Stock
Item number DPS707 Designation Wyatt Earp Rifle Category C Caliber cal. 12 Chamber (mm) 76 mm Shots 2 Barrel (cm) 51 Length (cm) 96 Weight (g) 3200 MSRP 1795 € incl. tax
Item number DPSL709 Designation La Bohémienne Rifle Category C Caliber cal. 12 Chamber (mm) 76 mm Shots 2 Barrel (cm) 71 Length (cm) 116 Weight (g) 3500 MSRP 2400 € incl. tax

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Shotguns and coach gun to external dogs.
Find all the Davide Pedersoli historical smooth guns in the "SHOOTING AND LEISURE ARMS" family.

Find Davide Pedersoli Smooth-Shot Guns in the Family: Shooting & Amusement Weapons> Long Long Weapons> Far West Rifles

Context : Background: black powder gun, historic weapon, historic arm, hunter, hunting, black powder fighter, coach gun
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