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cat. Chasse 2020 p.264

ITC Venom Defense Spray - Public

ITC Venom Defense Spray - Public

Item number : SP172

Ref. Item designation Category Vol (ml) MSRP Stock
Ref. SP172 Item designation ITC Venom Defense Spray Category D Vol (ml) 50 MSRP 15 € incl. tax

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Public version of the aerosol anti-aggression gel new hyper active formula derived from active plant elements.

Effective on human aggressors as on violent animals!
Based on plant extracts, non-flammable and without residual fumes.
Button protected by a safety valve.

ITC's new generation anti-aggression spray, with immediate effect on the target. Particularly powerful, it emits a jet with a
Powerful impact on the target's eyes. Immediate incapacitant effect.
The target is disoriented and unable to attack.
ITC Venom Aerosol works on open or closed eyes. Even if only one eye is affected by Iberverin Gel®, the subject is immediately incapacitated and disoriented.

Made in France

Physical and chemical properties:
The active ingredient Iberverine is the synthetic form of plant extract from the radish and broccoli family. The formulation is not toxic. This innovative formulation is enhanced by the simultaneous use of DPanthenol, a skin moisturizer that protects the eyes and skin from drying out which is a side effect of using conventional OC or CS type defense aerosols.
The propellant used is Tetrafluorothane (R134a), a non-toxic and non-flammable gas that does not attack the ozone layer. This non-flammable spray is compatible with the use of an EID (Electronic Immobilization Device).

  • Push button protected by a valve against inadvertent tripping.
  • Specially formulated for indoor use
  • Light green liquid with a pleasant smell of anise.
  • Does not generate residual fumes
  • Non-flammable / non-toxic
  • The active ingredient uses the synthetic form of plant extracts
  • ITC Venom is particularly selective: unaffected people do not experience any adverse effects and only perceive a pleasant smell of anise.

Description of the first aid measures:
Bring to fresh air. Wash eyes and face with plenty of water. If the solution has entered the mouth, spit, wash the mouth. Give plenty of water to drink. Avoid inducing vomiting. Bring to a quiet place and reduce physical activity.


Made in France
Made in France
Category D
Category D

Context : tear bomb, gaseous bomb, anti riot bomb, self defense, pepper spray, pfeffer spray, gas cs, cs gel, pepper oc, pepper oleoresin capsicum, red pepper, red pepper, cs orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile, cn alphachloroacetaphenone, non lethal weapon, tear spray, defense aerosol, BlackFriday.
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