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cat. Chasse 2019 p.366

Sologne .30-06 Springfield Win central percussion cartridges with GPA bullet

Sologne .30-06 Springfield Win central percussion cartridges with GPA bullet

Item number : BG3061

Item number Designation Category Caliber Bullet type Energy (J) Speed (m/s) Pack. Grains Grams MSRP Stock
Item number BG3061 Designation Cal. 30.06 type GPA Category C Caliber .30-06 Spr. Bullet type GPA Energy (J) 3733 Speed (m/s) 800 Pack. 20 Grains 180 Grams 11.7 MSRP 74 € incl. tax

The available products can be ordered by your gunsmith who will be delivered in 24 / 48h, unavailable products are being replenished, but your gunsmith may have in stock, ask!

French monoblock bullet ammunition (GPA) specially designed for the most resistant game.

The guarantee of optimal penetration and a significant shock effect.

What characterizes the GPA ball the most is undoubtedly its effectiveness. This ball can be presented as a programmed fragmentation ball. The compression of fluid in the central channel causes, at first, a deformation of the front part (mushrooming) which triples the nominal diameter of the projectile, then, only under the effect of resistance, occurs the separation of the petals.


Catégorie C
Catégorie C

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