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cat. Chasse 2019 p.253

Shotgun with CO2 pump defense T4E SG68


Catégorie D

Shotgun with CO2 pump defense T4E SG68

Item number Designation Category Caliber Shots Energy (J) Length (cm) Weight (g) Color Weapon Type MSRP Stock
Item number APB151 Designation CO2 T4E SG68 Walther Pump Rifle Category D Caliber .68 Paintball Shots 15 Energy (J) 16 Length (cm) 62.5 Weight (g) 2225 Color Black Weapon Type Air gun / CO² MSRP 502 € incl. tax
Item number Designation MSRP Stock
Item number APB160 Designation Bag of 100 balls of rubber cal. 68 MSRP 47.10 € incl. tax
Item number BO401 Designation CO2 bottle (88 grams) MSRP 11.30 € incl. tax
Item number APB155 Designation Telescopic buttstock for Walther T4E SG68 shotgun MSRP 101 € incl. tax

The available products can be ordered by your gunsmith who will be delivered in 24 / 48h, unavailable products are being replenished, but your gunsmith may have in stock, ask!

.68 self-defense weapon, power 16 Joules!

Defense weapon over-the-counter (or almost) in category D2!
Shotgun firing .68 caliber rubber balls (1.72 mm) propelled by CO2 under high pressure.
The energy of the projectile is 16 joules, the equivalent of a well-assaulted punch!
In addition, the visual deterrent effect accompanied by the noise and movement characteristic of arming a shotgun will be enough to put most aggressors to flight.
The weapon can fire at the choice of rubber balls for shock effect or pepper-containing balls to add a lachrymatory effect!
  • Sold without stock and without CO2 bottle

Technical characteristics :

  • Weapon Type: CO2 Shotgun
  • Caliber: .68
  • Works with cal rubber balls. 68
Energy: 16 joules
  • Capacity: 15 shots
  • Overall length: 62.5 cm
  • Weight: 2225 g

Category D2 - Free sale to over 18s

The components of the 4 modes of operation:

  • APB151 + BO402 + BO401 => The shotgun with a CO2 cartridge 88g screwed on the back with a small adapter.
  • APB151 + APB155 + BO401 => The shotgun with a telescopic butt holding the 88g CO2 cartridge. In this configuration, it is possible to store the weapon with the cartridge intact so as not to lose gas and hit it before use by hitting the butt on the ground.
  • APB151 + APB156 + A51905 => The shotgun with a stick containing an adapter for 2 12g CO2 cartridges.
  • AP151 + A713100 + BO810 (the bottle is delivered empty) => The shotgun with a bottle of compressed air and a supply pipe like paintball.
Context : Reference Umarex: 2. 4680 or 24680 or 2. 4756 or 24756. Shotgun, shotgun with rubber ball pump, shotgun with rubber ball drive.
In France products of categories A, B, C or D are subject to rules of purchase, port, transport and detention. For more details please consult the link below.
Classification of weapons according to the French Internal Security Code

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