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Semi-automatic rifles SX4 Camo Mobuc cal. 12/89


Monocanon lisse Cal 12 Catégorie C Back-bored Eprouvé acier

Semi-automatic rifles SX4 Camo Mobuc cal. 12/89

Item number : BRO5547 BRO5548

MSRP : 916.00 € incl. tax
Semi-auto rifles SX4 Camo Mobuc - Cal. 12/89 - Canon 71 cm
Item number : BRO5547
MSRP : 916.00 € incl. tax
Semi-auto rifles SX4 Camo Mobuc - Cal. 12/89 - Canon 76 cm
Item number : BRO5548
Item number Designation Category Caliber Chamber (mm) Barrel (cm) Weight (g) Hand Weapon Type MSRP Stock
BRO5547 Semi-auto rifles SX4 Camo Mobuc - Cal. 12/89 - Canon 71 cm C cal. 12 89 mm 71 3100 Ambidextrous Semi-auto rifle 916 € incl. tax
BRO5548 Semi-auto rifles SX4 Camo Mobuc - Cal. 12/89 - Canon 76 cm C cal. 12 89 mm 76 3150 Ambidextrous Semi-auto rifle 916 € incl. tax

The available products can be ordered by your gunsmith who will be delivered in 24 / 48h, unavailable products are being replenished, but your gunsmith may have in stock, ask!

Approved by Raniero Testa!
A lighter, faster and more ergonomic rifle!

Approuvés par Raniero Testa ! Un fusil plus léger, plus rapide et plus ergonomique !

The camouflage of this semi-automatic eliminates any risk of untimely reflections that can hinder the hunting of small game birds. Like the entire range of SX4 semi-automatic rifles, the barrel core and chamber are chrome-plated to preserve the weapon from projectile wear; in addition, thanks to its Inflex Technology inserts (wider than those of its illustrious predecessor SX3), this version provides a much more comfortable shooting when chambered ammunition is used.

  • Butt length: 36,2 cm - Front slope: 4,4 cm - Bust back slope: 5,1 cm
  • Comes with 3 Invector Plus Chokes (Full, 1/2, Cylindrical)

1. Inflex Technology Bedplate

The internal structure of the Inflex Technology plate has been specifically designed to force the busc to move away from the face when firing. The ideal contact area of the Super X4 thus offers optimum protection against recoil even when the heaviest loads are used.

2. Improved ergonomics

Winchester engineers thought of the ergonomics of the rifle by operating on several factors. The overall lightening of the rifle for a perfect balance. The refining of the pistol grip for a better grip. Ambidextrous character that will suit both left-handed and right-handed.

3. Larger lock lever and wider release button

The new Super X4 features a wider lock lever and an oversized unlock button for faster operation; two very important features when your hands are cold and wet or while wearing gloves. The carrier and release button are coated with Teflon Nickel to reduce friction and prevent corrosion.

4. Ambidextrous security

The wider ambidextrous safety button, easier to operate, is located at the rear of the angular profile bridge and is easily reversible for right and left handed shooters. The dimensions of the bridge are generous for ease of access, even wearing thick gloves.

5. The Active Valve System

The Super X4 rifle was designed to provide the most reliable, fastest and lowest back semi-automatic rifle. It operates as simply as possible using the Active Valve gas piston, which adjusts automatically to reliably use a wide range of loads.

6. Canon Back-bored

Back-bored Technology guns allow the best use of cartridge performance. With the Super X4 you can shoot with all types of ammunition: from light loads to heavy loads magnum including steel balls.

Context : Context: SX4 semi-automatic rifles. Browning Reference: 511204360, 511204361, field, wood.
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