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Europ-Arm proposes a wide range of metal detectors on the sale at the gunsmiths. Of the simple detector Bounty Hunter in detectors Garrett ACES 250 tops of the range, you will find the biggest marks of detectors in stock and at the best prices.
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78.00 € TTC

Pin pointer Bounty hunter - localisateur de préci ...

Réf. : A53309

94.00 € TTC

Casque de détection

Réf. : A53308

545.00 € TTC

Détecteur Garrett euro-ace

Réf. : A53252

360.00 € TTC

Détecteur Garrett ace 250

Réf. : A53251

270.00 € TTC

Détecteur Garrett ace 150

Réf. : A53250

170.00 € TTC

Detecteur de métaux vlf2

Réf. : A53311

335.00 € TTC

Detecteur de métaux Discovery 1100

Réf. : A53315

145.00 € TTC

Metal Detector Bounty junior

Réf. : A54900

540.00 € TTC

Quick draw II

Réf. : A53320

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1-9 on 9
Because the choice of the good metal detector can seem complicated, especially for the beginners, we created filters with stars which will allow you to refine the selection of the metal detector according to the main criteria of choice which are: the price, the brand, the level of use, the sensibility
The recommended retail prices are listed as a guide..
Pictures are not contractual. Photos of product may be different with the final products.