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The whip of hunting is used during hunting with hounds or during venery. Whip of so called hunting whip of venery allows to reassure hunting dogs and to obtain the obedience of dogs by the simple noise of the whip, without the slightest contact with them. Europ-Arm proposes a choice of whip of venery of the bottom of the range at the top of range.
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1-5 on 5 item(s)
26.00 € TTC

Hunting whip, wood handle, leather fleet - Country

Réf. : CH7200

85.00 € TTC

Deluxe Hunting Whip Willow Twist Willow Handle, ...

Réf. : CH5100

79.00 € TTC

Hunting whip luxury vénerie right sleeve, fleet ...

Réf. : CH5000

32.00 € TTC

Luxury Braided Leather Fleet for Whip - Country

Réf. : CH5120 / CH5160

125.00 € TTC

Luxurious leather hunting whip, Leather Fleece - ...

Réf. : CH5200

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1-5 on 5 item(s)
Whip of venery for the hunting with dogs, this whip produces a sound which allows the obedience of hunting dogs. These whips are made leather braided, distributed by Europarm.
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