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cat. Chasse 2019 p.621

Decorative replica Denix grenade M24 German 1915/1945

Decorative replica Denix grenade M24 German 1915/1945

Item number : CD737

Ref. Item designation Category Length (cm) Weight (g) MSRP Stock
Ref. CD737 Item designation Decorative replica Denix grenade M24 German 1915/1945 Category Free sale Length (cm) 35 Weight (g) 543 MSRP 41 € incl. tax

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Ideal for fans of pageant!

Reproduction of the famous German M-24 Stielhandgranate grenade used during the 1st and 2nd World War.
Handmade pomegranate in wood and metal 35 cm.

The hand grenade was introduced in 1915 and the design was developed during the First World War.

The grenade consisted of a hollow handle with a detonator and an explosive head at one end. Inside the hollow handle, a rope with a porcelain ball was attached to the detonator. The cord was held in place by a detachable hood on the base. To use the grenade, you had to unscrew the top of the base, allowing the ball and the rope to fall. Pulling the rope, she dragged a steel rod through the detonator, causing it to ignite and begin the five-second pre-detonation.
The first hand-held grenades carried the bare rope, came out of the handle near the bottom (instead of being protected in the handle by the removable cover of the base). Ropes thus tended to jam and trigger grenades, causing serious (and often fatal) injuries.
Hand grenades were dismounted in wooden crates (later metal) and the assembly of these was done before the fight. On the grenade is the following reminder: "sprengkapsel Vor Gebrauch einsetzen" (in English: insert the detonator before use).

Technical characteristics :

  • Length: 35 cm.
  • Weight: 543 g.
  • Era: World Wars 1914/1918 - 1939/1945.
  • Type of collection: Hand grenades.
Context : replica hand grenade, fake hand grenade, dummy hand grenade, decorative grenade, World War II grenade, World War I grenade, reference Denix G737, collector's item, collector's grenade.
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