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Large hunting ammunition Browning cal. 300 Win


Catégorie C

Large hunting ammunition Browning cal. 300 Win

MSRP From : 69.00 € incl. tax
Large hunting ammunition Browning cal. 300 Win BXR 155 gr - big hunt
Item number : BW1300
MSRP From : 77.00 € incl. tax
Large hunting ammunition Browning cal. 300 Win BXC 185 gr - big hunt
Item number : BW1301
MSRP From : 72.00 € incl. tax
Large hunting ammunition Browning cal. 300 Win BXS 180 gr - big hunt
Item number : BW1302
Item number Designation Category Caliber Bullet type Energy (J) Speed (m/s) Pack. Grains Grams MSRP Stock
BW1300 Large hunting ammunition Browning cal. 300 Win BXR 155 gr - big hunt C .300 Win BXR Matrix Tip 4958 994 20 155 10.04 69 € incl. tax
BW1301 Large hunting ammunition Browning cal. 300 Win BXC 185 gr - big hunt C .300 Win BXC Alu. Tip 4635 879 20 185 11.99 77 € incl. tax
BW1302 Large hunting ammunition Browning cal. 300 Win BXS 180 gr - big hunt C .300 Win BXS Hollow Point 4877 914 20 180 11.66 72 € incl. tax

The available products can be ordered by your gunsmith who will be delivered in 24 / 48h, unavailable products are being replenished, but your gunsmith may have in stock, ask!

For medium or heavy game!

The new Browning BXS Solid Expansion, BXC Controlled Expansion and BXR Rapid Expansion ammunition are perfect for use when hunting medium, large and large game (deer, wild boar, deer, doe ...).

BXR - Large Hunting Ammunition Browning Rapid Expansion

The Matrix tip keeps the speed and therefore the energy even at long distance while promoting a rapid expansion of the ball. This combination of the Matrix tip with this ogive structure specifically designed for immediate expansion combines extreme precision and instantaneous and massive energy transfer.

1. Matrix tip (mix of copper and polymer)
• Preserving long-distance speed for more energy • Promotes rapid expansion
2. Exclusive fragmentation tip
Large expansion hollow head for fast expansion and optimal energy transfer on the average game

BXS - Large Hunting Ammunition Browning Solid Expansion

The Browning BXS ball is ideal for heavy game. Its monolithic copper construction allows a mass retention close to 100%. It keeps all its energy for a deep penetration even in the most dense game and it guarantees a massive and lethal stopping power. Its polymer tip accelerates expansion to maximize shock impact. Nickel plated bushings resist corrosion and improve loading; it is the promise of a quick shot with the assurance of a stopping power. Thanks to its lead-free construction, Browning BXS can be shot on hunting grounds imposing restrictions on the use of lead.

1. Polymer tip
• Better conservation of speed and energy over long distances
• Accelerates the expansion
2. Hollow Point
For immediate expansion and massive energy transfer
3. Monolithic construction (copper)
• Mass retention close to 100%
• Deep penetration
• Unleaded
BXC - Large Hunting Ammunition Browning Controlled Expansion
The Browning BXC ball is designed for heavy game for which you want a stopping power and a deep penetration. The fused ball with a mass retention close to 100% and the aluminum tip (Terminal Tip) guarantee the penetration of dense tissues and bones. This ball construction, combined with a heavy nose weight and boat tail, ensures precision, high speed and maximum efficiency at all distances.
1. Merged ball
• Controlled expansion
• Increased weight retention for optimal energy transfer and deeper penetration
2. Terminal Tip (aluminum tip)
Punches thick leather and breaks solid bones
3. Warhead weight and tapered warhead base
Preserving high speed over long distances for increased accuracy and energy
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