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Aerosol GEL CS 80 300 ml with handle - Cat. B

Concorde Defender Concorde Defender

Made in France Catégorie B

Aerosol GEL CS 80 300 ml with handle - Cat. B

Item number : SP113

MSRP From : 50.00 € incl. tax
Item number : SP113
Item number Designation Category Vol (ml) MSRP Stock
SP113 Aerosol GEL CS 80 300 ml with handle - Cat. B B 300 50 € incl. tax

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Aerosols GEL CS Lachrymatory and incapacitating effect. In gel, localized effect to the aggressor, less sensitive to the wind. Effect 20 to 40 minutes, without sequelae.

CS 80 - Gel liquide incapacitant/neutralisant - Made in France

On packaging: carton of 24

Following the regulatory change of August 2018, aerosols classified in category B, subject to authorization.

Suitable for use by law enforcement agencies, private security companies and traders (tobacconist, bakery, jewelery ...) to neutralize an aggressor (s).

Causes an immediate stop of the attack and the neutralization of the aggressor (s) for about 20 to 40 minutes.

The gel (compared to gas) is recommended for selective use because it acts only on the affected person. Inside and outside, there is no zone effect.

  • The capacity of 300 ml, allows sweeping an area.
  • Active ingredient: CS gel neutralizing agent
  • Made in France

According to the weapons legislation that came into force on 1 August 2018, defense aerosols of more than 100 ml are now classified in categories B and therefore subject to authorization.

* defense aerosol = defense bomb

Context : tear bomb, gaseous bomb, anti riot bomb, self defense, pepper spray, pfeffer spray, gas cs, cs gel, pepper oc, pepper oleoresin capsicum, red pepper, red pepper, cs orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile, cn alphachloroacetaphenone, non lethal weapon, tear spray, defense aerosol.

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